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Why is Uber better than a Taxi

Uber vs Taxi


Uber is the new craze sweeping across America, Europe and the United Kingdom and it’s rising in popularity all the time, but why and what is Uber, and is it really better than a taxi? Let’s find out together.

The taxi concept has been around since the 17th century, back then it was horse-drawn carriages ferrying people to their desired destinations. It was the Hackney carriages of London in 1605 that were the first documented horse-drawn for-hire taxi’s. But in 1834 Joseph Hansom created his own carriage, it was lighter and faster than its predecessor, and they were known as Hansom cabs. 1897 saw Walter C. Bersey build the electrically powered cab which was nicknamed Hummingbirds because of the sound they made. Also In 1897, Gottlieb Daimler invented the first dedicated motor vehicle taxi equipped with the newly developed meter, so it’s a service we all know and probably have used at least once. It has moved with the times from being a horse-drawn carriage to a petrol powered motor vehicle that can be summoned at the touch of a button.

Uber has been around since 2009 and although it’s relatively new and offers the same service of getting us from A to B why should you pick it over the regular taxi? Uber is a ride-hail smartphone app, and while it’s easy to call your local taxi and say where you are and where you’re going to, Uber allows you to pay online but that’s not all, you can order an Uber to pick up you or a family member or friend who could be in let’s say for example in New York, but you’re in Florida. The Uber app will let you pay for their journey via the app. Doubtful they’ll be keen to drive that far, but that’s how simple and effective the Uber service is. It’s not safe too, every driver is registered, and that’s another appeal.

During a night out you may find it not easy to get a taxi, everyone wants to get home, and it’s all too easy for unregistered taxies to entice us into their vehicles. Flagging a car down with a bright taxi sign on the roof means it’s registered and going to be a safe ride for you and any other passengers. Too many people fall victim to the bogus Uber driver every day but especially on weekends when we’re particularly susceptible to the effects of alcohol. As I mentioned before, Uber drivers are registered, and everything is logged much the same way as an ordinary taxi, Taxis are a safe and reliable way to travel. Some people ask why is Uber better than a taxi? guess what it’s not! As the drivers never gone through live scan through fingerprinting the person! So your chances to get a rapist is very high!

Since the arrival of Uber, many taxi cab services including the old and familiar Yellow and black cabs are declining and struggling to keep up with the simple ride-hail app service, so some drivers including the Green cab have switched to become Uber’s. This goes to show not only their popularity but how they’re dominating the market. The process of becoming a driver is relatively easy, and that’s another reason why it’s crushing the competition. If you’ve got time on your hands, this is a great company to work for since you choose your hours.

Go to your local council and get a private hire taxi license, your vehicle will also need to go through the licensing process, and it needs to be a 4 door and less than 10 years old. You also need to go through a police background check which is what all taxi drivers must also go through. After that, you can get your private hire badges.

With the ever-increasing demand for things to be ready faster, arrive quicker and for information and technology that helps us achieve these in higher demand than ever before it’s understandable that we would create new ways to accomplish this. we live in a world where apps are our best friends, from ordering a pizza to ordering the weekly shop, to online banking and getting cabs to your exact location through GPS. Uber is the new Sacramento Taxi Yellow cab, or is it? Are we merely witnessing a growing trend, a fad that’ll fade out and die in several years and see the rise of the Yellow cab? Or will there be a new king of the hill in a few years? There’s no way of knowing for sure, but with our constant desire to grow and expand and to create new technology it won’t take long before there are no more cab drivers instead an automated vehicle which you can talk to that will take you safely to your destination without fault or endangering your life. The future isn’t coming, it’s already here, and we’re all slowly integrating into it almost without a choice.


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